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The Complete Patriot Package -  enjoy savings of over 30%  

You'll receive:


  •  One course manual (with the full 9 month curriculum)
  •  90 booklets - made up of 10 copies of each month's curriculum, in booklet form, that each person can take home).  More copies sold seperately if needed.  
  •  9 gold-plated challenge coins (one to present each month)
  •  9 velvet coin pouches
  • For a helpful video on GETTING STARTED, see our video posted on the CLUBS or HOME page. 

Complete Patriot Package

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The course manual is printed in vivid, full color, with 76 pages of amazing American history, fun facts, ice breakers, activities and more. 

    There are 10 booklets provided for each month  (from September to May).  The booklets are  8 page full color magazines (containing the same info that is in the main book) that each clubmember can keep. 

     The challenge coins (9) are gold plated 1.5 inch commemorative coins, which come with a royal blue velvet cloth pouch (9) 

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