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Patriotic Students of America was started in 2021 out of a desire to see the next generation taught about the great history and future of this Nation.  Today's public education system is pushing anti-American sentiments and neglects to inspire students about how great this Nation really is. While we must continue to work towards a more perfect union, the history of America is filled with courage, faith, devotion and true patriotism.  Its founding principles have paved the way for true freedom to be enjoyed by all members of society.  Our patriotic clubs reinforce these principles and teach about our history in the light of what we truly are - a Nation that always strives to preserve liberty and justice for all.  We inspire kids with true stories of great American inventors, musicians, athletes, military heroes and kids doing great things in our Nation and our communities  every day. 

We must educate the next generation so that this Nation can continue to be a beacon of light, freedom and hope for the world.  

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Dr. Elizabeth Enns is the president and founder of Patriotic Students of America.  As a visionary, a mother,  an elementary and high school teacher, an author, an immigrant (from Canada), and now a proud U.S. citizen, she has brought together her passions to create this new curriculum and spearhead the effort to inspire a new generation of great American patriots. 

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