Help raise up a generation that will uphold and protect the values, freedoms and greatness of this nation. 

Your gift today, towards curriculum development or scholarship funds will help bring this inspiring new movement to every state from sea to sea. 
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Join the 100 Club
Your gift of $100 will help sponsor  1 club.  Our 2021-22 school year goal is to provide scholarships to 250 clubs to be fully funded - with the Complete Patriot Package, allowing club members to receive a full color curriculum magazine each month (from Sept - May).  Help each young, new patriot bring these amazing lessons home , to ignite their imaginations and inspire their hearts and minds.  Join the 100 club, and invest in the scholarship fund today. 
Inspire a Generation
We rely on donors like you to help bring this amazing new curriculum to kids across the Nation.   This year's curriculum is now available.  We are presently working on the creation of curriculum for year 2.  We need your help. Will you partner with us to make Patriotic Students of America a success for all our students?  Your gift of any amount will help us with the creation, production and development of these ground-breaking, exciting, new lessons.  Thank you for your partnership.